Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Join our Bohemian bicycle bakfiets parade!

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Saturday 3rd of October

Hello Bohemians,

We are moving again!

After the start in Galerie Schaap came the Dokhouse Galery.

Then for the last 3 months we have enjoyed the fantastically friendly atmosphere of de Nieuwe Anita.

Now……. It's time for Mezrab /Art Cage in Amsterdam-Oost.

Here we will encounter a new cultural centre with a story to tell.


Saturday 3rd of October will look like this :

2pm - meet at the Nieuwe Anita, Frederik Hendrik straat 111. Get dressed up by Visjuweel and pimp your Bohemian bike into a musical instrument. (got any ideas/materials?? Bring them with you)

4pm - bakfiets bicycle paradewith sounds by the beats bakfiets from Goed Bezig producties.

6pm - arrive at Mezrab/ Art Cage

6.30pm - Feestelijke opening of the Museum of the Bohemian with food, drinks and live music by a mysterious mix of fantastical instruments….. (It's gonna be something special!!)

00:00 ?????????

Still playing with your box?

Now again the time has come to finish it off and bring it to add to the museum…

Are you already a building block of the museum?

Then come and help transport it with the too happy to be true bicycle bakfiets parade from 4-6 pm.

If you know of a wooden wine box not being used … please donate it to the museum so that a new museumist has a place for their inspiration!


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