Thursday, January 14, 2010

On the road again to a new cultural spot in town!

Bohemians and other unconventional living creatures...

Saturday 30th of January we move from the Mezrab Art Cage to the Volkskrantgebouw.

Herby we invite you all to join us in this years 1st colorful bohemian parade. Both locations are in the east and due to the cold weather we will be walking / riding for an hour. We will all get spectacularly dressed by Visjuweel... and during the parade there will be music, singing, a lot of smiles from people along the road and of course... surprises..

See the video below for a taste of the parade!
or click here.

14:00 Meet at Mezrab / Artcage

15:00 Get dressed by VISJUWEEL

16:00 Depart Mezrab in a big colourful Bohemian Parade

17:00 Arrive at the Volkskrant gebouw for gluhwine and soup

18:00 Start off the Collage Spektakel till 3 AM, more information about full program will follow soon.

Arrive with the Bohemian parade dressed by Visjuweel... FREE ENTRY !!
for all others € 7,50

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