Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Saturday 17th of April we’re all moving the Museum again with a colorful parade!

Great video made by Bart Van Woudenberg!!

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR Photos by Morten Årstad.

Followed with a grand opening at the next creative peace hangout: De Buurtboerderij that will host the Museum of the Bohemian for the next three months.
Join the Parade:                                                     Feel free, it’s free
Meet us 17/04/10 at the Volkskrantgebouw 
(Wibautstraat 150 A’dam)                                                  at 12:30 h
Get dressed by Visjuweel                                                   at 13:00 h
We are leaving together from the Volkskrantgebouw        at 14:00 h

With bikes and bakfietsen, and accompanied with live music by Vurdalak and the Beats bakfiets from Goed Bezig producties, we will all ride through Amsterdam,
as the most cheerful ‘verhuizers’ in town.

We will arrive at the Buurtboerderij 
(Spaarndammerdijk 319 A’dam)                                        at 17:00 h
The Museum of the Bohemian will offer:                      Free entry
arts, live music, food & drinks

Starting with the opening by Living Art-piece: Fabiola
Followed with the live sounds of: Desperate Attempt, Donate, Jah depender & guests, and more surprise acts.
You can enjoy Angelique’s Bisarra Maroccan soup
and other delicious flavours by Vivian’s TxOKO.

For the neighbour’s peace and quiet:  the opening will end at 00:00 h
The night will end:                                              when you go to sleep

Join us for the parade and/or the opening,
feel free, bring your box when it’s done,
 or take one, bring a friend, or many...


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  2. This was an incredible day. Pure delight.