Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We're looking for BODO's who can help at the Museum gypsy event on Sunday, 6th June !

The Museum of the Bohemian is still a completely voluntary participating art project where it ain’t about the money, but all about the lives from you & me …

And in that light we're looking for BODO’S  (Bohemian DOers) for the next event on Sunday, 6th June.  

Can you help?
  • Can you serve the summer at the Sangria farm bar?
  • or help us build up the event, decorate and/or stick around to clean up once it's all over and then see what and where the night will bring us?
  • Would you like to document and take pictures or make a short film?
If there's something else you would like to do, perform, share or show that fits into the gypsy vibe, please let us know! Reply to galerieschaap@gmail.com (BUT be quick, cause if you want to be included in the flyer then we need to know before this Thursday 13th may *sorry for the short notice*) 
In both cases : we can’t offer money but there will be a great day with drinks and food and many friends to play with - who you can inspire and get inspired by !

We're all part of the museum spirit and it's a great thing to be in...so LET'S HELP EACH OTHER MAKE DREAMS HAPPEN!

We're having a DO DAY at the BuurtBoerderij on Sunday, 16th May from 13:00 till 17:00.

This day we will work on the Museum (little repairs, making banners and prepare for the upcoming event). There will be a brainstorm in the open field to see how we can connect with all the ideas being brought up by you guys and girls. So please come over if you have any ideas about the GYPSY event or want to get inspired by others…

Come and play in the sunshine fields with us on the 16th May. From here the next party will shape itself into another dimension as travellers through growth..

All the best and hope to see those of you who like to do!

Jaap, Thomas, Jacob, Jennette & Geert


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