Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Saturday 21st - Bohemian event at NDSM!

The Museum of the Bohemian is opening its doors this Saturday 21st August from 14:00.    
It will be a day filled with pleasurable activity and relaxed creativity.
 Musicians will play, theatrical experiments will happen, there will be yummy food on the BBBQ , paint can be served, beers be drunken and surprises will happen…................................... later on dj’s will rock the disco-container into more dancing fun than at Lowlands for sure.
 Normally we celebrate the inauguration of new boxes halfway during our stay, but due to summer time travelling things are a bit different. Nevertheless if you made your box, bring it to the museum!!!! if you don’t have one yet, come and collect one!

Programme - Free entry!

2 pm Musuem Doors open 

Super opportunity to experience the Genetic Choir
16.00-17.00  Lasloods, NDSM-terrein, Amsterdam-Noord (nearby the museum) €5 for this performance

5.30 Pfaff komt Pfaffen

7 pm Gracehoper and the Sommerfool play F.Kafka's The Trial

8 pm Thesis : Unique Mix of  Dub / Breakbeat / Samba :

9 pm MIHAS / DJ PEE (Paris, Fr)
Mihas's flows and words + Polo's hybrid beats = refreshing combination between rap and cold electro.

Woudvogel  will show his firey wings

dJ  Flamingo will Disco us

Kako Da Ne DJ Collectief  will be there showing off  there stuff

perhaps Funnycat will come and do a rant or a rave

Perhaps you will come and surprize us with an unexpected act!

Come and join us this Saturday
x The Bohemians

Check out some photos of building up the Museum at NDSM.
Thanks to Morten Årstad and Paul Spoek for the great shots!

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

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