Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ship Ahoy a Bohemian Parade!!

Aargg Arrgh Aaargg The Museum is on the road again - this time on WATER!!...
Saturday the 9th of Oct we will sail out of the fine harbour from the NDSM wharf at 14:00 towards the Sauna on the Kerkstraat 58. Arriving at 17:00.

We enjoyed the summer time at the NDSM wharf and met wonderful inspiring people with great spirits. 
Thanx theater platform Pick Up, de Kunststad, stichting NDSM-werf, cafe Noorderlicht, guys from M6, Marchfour Marching Band, Robodock and many more.

But, there's a time of coming and flowing... SO join us and help move the museum on a new colourful and happy parade adventure.
The parade will go in boatjes over the river IJ and then through the canals of Amsterdam.
If you have a boatje.. hoist your pirate flag and sail with us, the more the more.
We leave from the gewoonboot by the cafe Noorderlicht.
On the other side in the centre some floating gardens (remember Robert Jasper Grootveld?!) will hook on where more people can enter the parade, information follows on this blog.
At the Sauna we will all get yummy soupy to warm us up and around 19:00 you can spoil yourself with the delicious flavoured food of Vivian's TxOKO.

(Normally we would be dressed to our bohemian best by VISJUWEEL but unfortunately not this one. So in honour of Visjuweel  --> do your best and make something beautiful (or ugly) out of yourself :))

The concept is changed a bit, because live acquires more from us than just organising an inspiring creative movement. We just focus on the Parade and not on organising the big feast after that... its turned into a DO IT YOURSELF party... so if you feel like playing music, sharing poetry, perform a danceje, in need of a group hug, make black eye patches or whatever our imaginative world can think of --> You Do It

questions or participation in the parade?? email or call : 06 53593588 / 06 14924330

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