Thursday, December 2, 2010

4dec 8th day with Julius Jokers contest for the Joke Jacket 2010!!!

Well all of you bohemians,

The auction from last sunday was a special moment for the museum and its artists, a lot of art has been sold in this 1st auction!
Led by auctioneer Rob Zorab and his 2 angels, who made everybody sit on the edge of their chair or shifting on their toes. In the end the Artist where happy, the buyers where happy and the museum is happy... everybody happy! photo's will follow.
Thanx to all who helped in whatever way to create other opportunitys for the museum  LOVE!!

Coming Saturday the 4th of Dec. there's another bohemian 8th day at the Sauna from 16 - 22.
This time the platform is ready for Juliiiussss Jokerrrrr and the anual contest to win the Joke Jacket.
Do you have a good, best or better joke ready??
come and share and WIN the Joke Jacket 2010 in your categorie. Starts at 18h!

Organised by nobody less and more : Julius Jokerrrrr

With Sinterklaas for the door on your roof : bring your own ingredients for the warm and gezellige gluwein!!

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