Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Flag is back!

Beautiful Bohemians,
Thank you all for your warm support, motivations, ideas and references like mandela's in sand and phoenixes...

We share compasion with all people inflicted by the fire; kraakhelder and their wonderful venue "Societeit de Sauna" and friends, artists, neighbours and local businesses. Thanx to the firefigthers and all those who where involved in preventing the fire from eating our city.
"The flag is back, smokin' but not burned."

Today we went back and found out from a big strong friendly firefighter that the second floor is totally burned away. The first floor in the front (where most of the museum was standing) is filled with Amsterdam canal water and smoke. The ground floor is a mess.

Next week, we'll be able to enter the building with the owner to have a look...

Since we see possibilities everywhere, inspiration will rise out of the ashes.

Tune into the future..
We'll keep you posted


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