Tuesday, November 25, 2008

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30 November 2008

Grand opening of the

Museum of the Bohemian

in Galeria Schaap on the Utrechtsestraat 95.

From 2 tot 10.

During Museum n8 (what a night!) Schaap started with the distribution of Wooden Wine Boxes to the Bohemians of Amsterdam. Boxes without borders, floating, flying, free-spirited like us…. In these Boxes Amsterdams’ Bohemians are busy revealing their stories to be integrated as the building blocks of the Museum

Also as exhibits in the museum the following musicians will embelish the atmosphere with their artistic talents.

Voldemar (folk rock), Wilmar de Visser (Solo Contrabass), Papa Q (Bohémien Blues) , Blind Bob and the Grill Plates (Blues), Dicky Deegan (Uillean-pipes), Eva (chanson), Bad Kitten (Fox Folk), La Dolce Vita Strijkkwartet (Joseph Haydn the Bohémien National Anthem), Zimbrabim Sensual Night Circus, Jamming in the Kelder (bring your instrument) surprizes, drinks and delicious soup made by our chief cook Igor will fuel us all during the opening.

Come experience and be inspired to become a part of the Museum

(there are still boxes to be filled)

The Museum will spend the month of December in

Galeria Schaap after this it will travel

Come on time!


With love for Life

Beh Beh

Baa Baa

Galeria Schaap


  1. Hope you had a great time and the making van de galerie went out pretty well!

  2. The name of the band is Vurdalak (hence: www.thevurdalakshow.com)(a bit of sneaky promotion)
    but stil:
    galerie schaap is definitely one of the coolest places in Amsterdam.
    And we were happy to play there.
    If you desperatly need a band in the future, you know how to reach us

    Humber (on behalve of Vurdalak)