Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Out of the ashes

The Museum survived as a miracle the inferno in the Sauna!
There where the museum started the fire stopped...
Boxes are brown, some are black, a lot have water damage, a few are the box they've always been and some are gone to heavenly playgrounds. 
It is desperate in need of a love treatment from all of us.

It was a tyring weekend moving the museum out of the place that once felt so familiar. Beside that it was also warm and bonding to be there together with the sauna guys, closing of our chapters.

Ruigoord was willing to help us, so we could store the whole museum in the shed where it can dry, breath and come to rest for the moment. In closing of, beautifull ideas rice out of the ashes, from many different people. And as we are creative beings new possiblity's are there to give form and meaning to the museum and her stories.

Plans for Ruigoord are yet to evolve... it is the last move in Amsterdam!! because the museum as it travels now will transform into another way of growing.
But for now everybody who's been involved in the Bohemian journey through the streets of Amsterdam in the last 2,5 years is invited,
There To Share: 
Galerie Schaap, MS Stubnitz, Dokhuis Galerie, de Nieuwe Anita, PARK Art, Mezrab Artcage, Volkskrant gebouw, de Buurtboerderij, All is One, NDSM TreeHouse, Soiciteit de Sauna, Ruigoord and YOU and YOU and YOU 2.

Tune into the future. We keep you posted

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