Thursday, February 3, 2011

Le Grand Finale

Beh Beh
Fellow Bohemians involved in this inspiring journey through Amsterdam…

Together we rise up and move on

The Grand Finale of this trip is ahead of us. Ruigoord will be the closure of the moving through Amsterdam. There is a future, we keep you posted.

First things first:

In the coming 2 months there will be 3 sundays where we will work on the museum ‘cause it needs love’. The museum was damaged by the inferno in different degrees. The boxes, the banner, the tool box, the instruments and more. Come and see for yourself how the stories are doing, get inspired and recreate. Lets us know what when you like to help: or call Jaap, Geert, Jennette, Jacob or Thomas

Meeting point: 11:30
buurtboerderij Ons Genoegen Spaarndammerdijk 319
coffee & pancake possible
departure12:30 with bike or car
18:00 food & drinks available and enjoy the Ruigoord Sunday program.

Sunday 13 Feb. Come and give your own piece of art a big HUG, if necessary clean, repair, paint, add extra spirit or whatever you think it needs in order to make it back to the museum.

Sunday 6 Mrt. Same as above for those who couldn't make it, or for those who want to do more.

Sunday 27 Mrt. To complete the transformation of all boxes with the marks of life that are there to be seen as a part of our history will get a nice varnish spray..

Thursday 31Mrt. Bringing the museum into the Bohemian Church, where we going to create a beautiful bohemian presentation. Off course it will happen with a last parade!!

Friday 1Apr. Opening of the Museum of the Bohemian in the church of Ruigoord, where it will be presented to the Ruigordians and everybody who feel like being there and for those who wants to add their box.

Le Grand Finale!

Bohemian gathering on Thursday 5 may (Liberation day) 
The Big Free We Are Together
Tune into the future X We keep you posted
Museum of the Bohemian

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